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Welcome to your source of truly unique corkscrews. Lundbergs have been building custom corkscrews for 14 years. We have made well over 300 corkscrews to date, selling to private dealers / collectors and online. These are not your run of the mill corkscrews. We recycle quality antique parts and customize or hand carve them into one of a kind works of art, from functional to decorative display pieces. Hidden corkscrews to not so hidden corkscrews. If you or a loved one collect or just want a custom corkscrew let us know what you want your custom piece to be. We recycle & repair broken antique corkscrews. All of the carved ivory pieces are from pre-ban ivory, recycled antique ivory carvings, or Mastodon ivory. Pictured are just a few of the corkscrews that we have made over the years. Just click on a photo to see better detail and a description of that corkscrew.
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