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We truly enjoy taking a piece that would otherwise be taken to the dump and bring it back to its original glory. True recycling! We have been restoring antiques for over 17 years and have been dealing with antique all our lives. Our parents were antique dealers and we have been around them our whole life. So we know how to handle your priceless heirlooms. We hand strip when necessary and never dip. If there is a missing piece or carving we will custom match it like it was never missing. We do veneer patching or replace completely. We can make missing turned pieces ie: finials, legs, spindles. No job too small or too large. When necessary we can revitalize or restore your furniture on site. We also do Art Restoration. If you have a piece of art with missing paint, a torn or bulged canvas, or in need of re-stretching we can fix it. Let us bring your heirlooms back to life to be enjoyed for another generation. Unfortunately we have not taken many photos of our restored pieces so we are working on getting more photos for you to see.
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