Masterful Pieces, Artistry, and Prestigious Collaborations

Masterful Pieces, Artistry, and Prestigious Collaborations

At Lundberg Brothers, our passion for exceptional craftsmanship is reflected in our impressive track record. We had the privilege to create six stunning pieces of furniture for George Bush Sr.'s Presidential Library, contributing to an exact replica of the Oval Office in Texas. Among these pieces are two chairs that President Bush Sr. used during an interview with Chris Wallace. We also crafted President Nixon's Oval Office desk for his library in California, showcasing our dedication to quality.

Our skills extend to crafting custom furniture, cabinetry, and unique collector's items like canes and corkscrews that are cherished worldwide. What makes us stand out is our versatile expertise. We handle every aspect of a project, from initial concept to final completion. We're also comfortable collaborating with other skilled artisans when needed.

Our legacy includes seven furniture pieces proudly displayed in respected museums, a testament to our commitment to excellence. We take pride in turning ideas into tangible works of art, transforming spaces with our unmatched craftsmanship. Join us in bringing your dreams to life at Lundberg Brothers.

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