Custom Ladies Leg Corkscrew

Custom Ladies Leg Corkscrew

Custom Ladies Leg Corkscrew

Introducing a truly unique item: a custom-carved ladies leg handle corkscrew. This special piece features a leg made from high-quality boxwood and a boot made from ebony. The boot is adorned with an antique sterling silver end cap, and the stitches on it are carefully carved for a realistic look.

The worm, which is the part that goes into the cork, is also something special. It's an antique piece that we've transformed by shaping and adding facets to the upper section, giving it a stylish design.

All of our products are handmade by skilled artisans. We've created more than 300 corkscrews so far, which have been bought by collectors and dealers, both online and offline. These are not your everyday corkscrews. We take antique parts of great quality and turn them into unique pieces of art. These can be both functional tools and beautiful decorative items. Contact us today to get your Contact us today to get your custom ladies' leg corkscrew.

Our focus is on keeping the art of handcrafting alive while also being mindful of sustainability. We take antique components and give them new life, creating pieces that bridge the past and the present. When you hold this ladies leg-handled corkscrew, you're not just holding a tool; you're holding a piece of history that's been reimagined for today.

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